Vilano Journey Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kit Review

Vilano Journey Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Kit Review

There is nothing more peaceful than being out on calm water.

It puts your soul at ease as you glide across the water on a summer’s day. This summer, we encourage you to get out on the water and do a summer activity such as paddle boarding or SUPing with a Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP Stand-up Paddle Board that is reviewed below.

With the rise of technology and the fact that many of us are on our phones a lot, it is so crucial that we take the time to enjoy nature. This is even more true for parents, as our children need to be exposed to what the outdoors can offer. What better way to experience nature than being out on the water?

If you are a fan of water activities, what is your favorite one to do out on a river or lake? One of the most popular activities right now is paddle boarding or SUPing. These are inexpensive devices that allow you to easily cruise along the water, either sitting or standing.

What sets them apart is that you can stand up on them, unlike a kayak or canoe. This allows you to jump off and swim, and climb back on board when you are done. They are fantastic and are going to expose you and your family to a ton of fun.

There are so many paddle boards on the market right now and it can be difficult to know which one to purchase. They vary in price and features, and if you have never used one before you will have no clue as to which one to buy.

Today we are going to be looking at the Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP Stand-up Paddle Board Kit, one of the most popular stand-up paddle boards on the market right now. In doing so, we hope to uncover if it is worth purchasing or not.

The Vilano Journey Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kit

Before we get to the main review, let’s take a second to figure out what you should be looking for in a paddle board.

First and foremost, it is crucial that you find one that will complement your skill set. If you are a beginner, you want a board that is going to be as stable as possible. There is no paddle board that will not be wobbly at first, as it does take some getting used to, but there are some that are easier to control than others.

If you are experienced, you are going to want to find one that can go faster than most and that is equipped with a lot more features.

With any paddle board, you need to find one that is easy to take mobile. It cannot be too heavy as you will be carrying it to shore to take it into the water. You want one that has handles, increasing mobility, and one that is light enough to carry all day long.


  • Made to feel as rigid and durable as a hard board that is not inflated
  • Made out of a high-grade PVC material, and also has been stitched using the Korean drop technique
  • Strong and durable, lasting a long time
  • When it is deflated, it only measures 1’ in diameter and is 36” long, making it really easy to carry
  • Once it is inflated it measures 9’9” by 30” by 5” thick, making it large enough for one passenger, tall or short
  • On the deck are diamond grooves that are really comfortable and also give you great traction
  • A bungee cord is located on the front deck allowing you to store things while out on the water
  • Equipped with stainless D-rings on the front
  • Comes with the inflatable board, a pump with a pressure gauge, a 3-piece paddle made out of aluminum, a removable strap and a backpack for carrying
  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, covering the craftsmanship and materials

If you are wondering why the Vilano brand sounds familiar to you, it is because they are a leading brand for premium bikes. Their SUPs are just as impressive and popular as their bikes.

The Journey is an inflatable SUP board that has been designed for top speed on flat water and can support a maximum weight of 200 Ibs.

The vilano inflatable SUP is a well made high-quality board that compares favorably to regular boards. You will notice a slight difference in stability, particularly on rougher waters, compared to regular boards.

The Journey has a nice 4″ thickness which you will love. It rides nice and feels very solid, especially on a Class II river.

A nice feature of the Journey is that you can substitute the manual pump with an electric pump. We, however, recommend you use the hand pump at the end to ensure proper inflation. The hand pump that is provided with the Vilano kit is better than the average bike pump and takes about 3-4 mins to inflate by hand.


  • Competitively priced
  • Easy to carry around
  • Comes with a backpack and carry strap
  • Very rigid and durable
  • Comfort diamond grooves offer better grip for beginners
  • Good warranty


Beginners may have a hard time maintaining a good grip

Final verdict

After testing out the Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP Stand-up Paddle Board Kit ourselves, we have concluded that it is one of the best paddle boards on the market right now. It is lightweight, making it easy to take mobile, and even comes with a backpack to carry it around once deflated. It features a comfort diamond groove that allows for a great grip, although we did find that if you are beginner it is a bit challenging (see a guide to stand-up paddle boarding for beginners). If anything goes wrong, this vilano journey inflatable paddle board comes with a great warranty that will get you your money back.

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