Top SUP Blogs of 2017 (Our Pick)

Top SUP Blog

Stand up paddleboarding (“SUP”) is reported to be one of the fastest growing sport or hobby around the World. It is not surprising that many curious individuals have many questions about it such as the safety issues and the thrills of paddleboarding.

Fortunately, help is at hand. You can find tens of SUP blogs to help inspire you as you ease into the hobby. Here are just a few of the top SUP blogs to read in 2017.

Top SUP Blogs 2017 – Our Pick

This is my own informed list, but it’s based on my own research and feedback from my network in the SUPing ecosystem.

A Waterman’s Journal: Dave Kalama

This blog is run by Dave and it is perfect for those that plan to work hard on improving their paddling skills and abilities. Dave dives deep to provide very in-depth articles guaranteed to wow you.  It is packed full of instructional articles providing tips and advice for both beginners and more advanced paddlers and surfers.

Dave lives in Kula, Maui and is a big wave surfer, SUP surfer and racer, windsurfer, outrigger canoe racer, private adventure guide and celebrity watersports enthusiast.


Eric Terrien – Pro SUP Racer

Eric is the author of this blog. He is an accomplished professional SUP racer and has been using his blog to invite readers into his exciting pro SUPing and pro surfing life. If you are one of those readers that would rather watch videos than reading articles, then this blog is for you.

It is always great when you are learning from one of the best in a sport. And Eric is one of those. He uses many videos on his blog to show his readers the techniques, skills, and tips he himself uses as well as to teach his clients in his SUP clinic.


Jeramie Vaine

This blog is run by a single author: Jeramie Vaine, who (lucky for us all) shares his adventures as a SUP instructor, SUP paddler, SUP yogi, and World traveler.  He writes passionately about his love for water, paddling and interacting with the new friends he makes in the daily dealings.

You should watch out so you don’t live vicariously through Jeramie and his blog as it will draw you in so powerfully. However, it will also inspire you to hit the waters with your paddleboard.


Larry Cain

For those that want to go deeper into the mechanics of paddling as a sport and a desire to be the best they can be, this is the blog you need. You can browse through this blog to find lots of actionable advice and tips to equip you with knowledge towards your journey to SUP racing, if you desire. Beginners might find the information in the blog intimidating or too advanced, so just be prepared.

The blog is run Larry Cain, an Olympic gold and silver medalist, multiple Canadian Championship gold medalist and 4 times Canadian athlete of the month. Larry has more but I need to pause here so you can go check his blog yourself.


Matt Palmariello

Matt runs this blog and doesn’t hold back in sharing his SUPing experiences with his readers.  This blog really shows you how SUPing can be such a fun sport that almost anyone can engage in.

Matt is a multi-level ACA certified instructor and does a super job educating his readers by using lots of pictures to show paddlers important skills essential to paddling and some great places to go SUPing including SUP camping trips, SUP vacation spots and other information to enrich your SUP experience. Oh, Matt was also awarded the American Canoe Association instructor of the month award for July 2015. So Matt packs some punch and knows what he is talking about.


Mountain Niceness

This blog is a reflection of the rich tapestry of the author’s life, which as the name suggests revolves around mountains. Danny is, wait for this: A lifestyle coach, A SUP athlete, A professional big mountain and power skier and …more. Go DANNY!

The blog is not solely dedicated to SUP but includes other topics such as mountaineering and skiing. You will, however, find very informative videos and articles about SUPing in the scenic mountain locations. Perhaps you might be tempted to contact Danny to arrange a SUP vacation after reading this blog.


Stand Up Paddle World

The author of this blog used standup paddle boarding to restart his life after a tragic loss. You can feel his fiery passion and commitment to the SUP World in this blog.

The blog is perfect for those exploring SUP adventure ideas. There are several videos of well known pro SUP surfers and racers talking about the sport and sharing insights about the sport not very well known. As stated earlier, the blog will appeal strongly to paddlers that want to kick their skills levels up by learning from the best in the sport.

I particularly liked the Podcast series interviewing SUP greats such as Jim Jarvie, Jen Fuller and more. These provide a more robust experience on the blog in my opinion.


SUP Racer

Chris Parker is the author of this the SUP Racer and, to many in the SUP World, he is “Mr. SUP”. His blog was the 2015 SUP Blog of the Year. Not surprising.

SUP Racer is one of the key, go to blogs to get the most up to date info about news, competitions, SUP race team standings and SUP videos from around the World. I would encourage any SUP enthusiast to bookmark this blog as one of their regular reads.


The Progression Project

Erik Antonson is the author of this blog. He borrows from his rich experience and knowledge gained from coaching clients on surfing and winning 2 National Championships in the spot to break down the core mechanics of SUPing so any newbie or active enthusiast can learn from.

The blog enhances the reader’s experience by incorporating podcast interviews also.  The Progression Project is one of the top blogs to read in 2017 and going forward because it shows you how much fun and thrills you can have on a SUP.


Werner Paddles

If you are looking for adventure ideas for paddlers in general, then you might like this blog. It is rich with SUP and kayaking adventure stories, stunning pictures from around the World, how to choose great paddles and other SUP accessories. The blog is run by the paddle manufacturer – Werner Paddles. They manufacture premium paddles and also sponsor their own SUP team.


So, these are just a few top SUP blogs you can read in 2017/18. They will help you get started as a paddler or become even better at standup paddle boarding.

It is important to recognize where your skill level is as you begin to read try out these blogs. Some of the blogs are fantastic for beginners who want a handle on the basics of SUPing, while others can definitely be useful for readers who are already enthusiast and are more accomplished in SUPing.

Contribute To This List Of The Top SUP Blogs in 2017

If you know of a blog you want to contribute to this list, please help me out and go to the comment section and post which blog you think should be on the list and why it is highly recommended. With standup paddleboarding gaining new enthusiasts every day, it’s tough for newbies to find great and reliable sources of knowledge and community for the sport.

So, helping me out and telling me about the blogs you like very much, this list can be made even better and more extensive for those who are looking to have fun in the SUP community.

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