Recommended Kayak Angling Magazines For Anglers (Our Top 8)


How’d you like to see our open secret stash of quality kayak angling magazines that we use to enrich our angling hobby? 

Well, consider yourself very lucky…

…because today we’re going to let you in and share some of our top BEST kayak angling magazines with you.

Anglers patronize these magazines because of the value they provide in terms of angling techniques, safety tips, gear reviews and recommendations, fishing locations near them and many more. 

So what are the best magazines that would provide you in-depth information about kayak angling?

Our Top Kayak Angling Magazines

1. Kayak fishing Ultimate resource

Owned by Advertical Media, it was conceived by two anglers who wanted to reach out to fellow anglers. Currently run by a team of regular kayak angling enthusiasts, the information is sure to be of much relevance.

Be it you are a new or experienced kayak angler, the magazine offers a forum in which to share with fellow kayaking anglers. You get to be enlightened on the latest in the angling hobby in terms of safety and successful tricks in angling as well as access to a comprehensive review on kayak angling.


2. Kayak Angler – The Kayak Fishing magazine

The aim of this magazine was to ensure you get the best from your fishing expedition.


The magazine brings you the latest information on the major North America fish hotspots. It is, however, not limited to locating fish for you as it goes further into detail about the best techniques you could employ to catch certain fish types. More on the latest industry reports around you are also covered in the copy.


3. Angling Times Magazine

Angling Times magazine is the leading angling magazine in Britain. It produces a copy each week distributed on Tuesdays.

The magazine is rich with personalized adventure stories from anglers around you, information on the best parts to locate carp, complimentary pictures and advice related to angling. Regardless of your skill level –  a beginner or an expert kayak angler, it delivers on the latest including a weekly summary of top sports from the industry.


4. World Sea Fishing

Do you live in or around the UK’s salty water bodies and would love to be in the loop on kayak angling?

World Sea Fishing offers just that. Not only does the magazine cover the best destinations for fishing in the UK, but it also offers a forum where anglers interact. Have you a burning question on kayak angling? This is the magazine that offers the platform for the best first-hand replies drawn from experienced anglers. More so, get a review of the best kayaks and other products for angling.


5. Salt Water Sportsman

Salt water sportsman offers the best in ocean sailing in regards to; how to get into ocean sailing, effective and latest fishing technologies and techniques, fish species, products to use while on a fishing expedition and sea ecosystem conservation publications as well.

With a limited number of copies produced in a year, the team ensures you get the most relevant at the precise time. More so, it tries to bring something new to each publication thus as a new or pro kayak angler, you are sure to find something captivating.


6. Sports Fishing Magazine

While publishing only 9 copies of this invaluable magazine every year, it is one of the top 10 saltwater fishing magazines in the world. What should you expect?

In it is saltwater fishing tips and techniques, a rigorous review of the most effective tackle techniques, and the best deals on fishing charters worldwide. Advertently, which salty water destinations globally are you guaranteed not to get a disappointment of turning out empty handed are included in the magazine.


7. Outdoor Life

Kayak angling is an outdoor activity and this magazine is more than a tool for that. As the name suggests, it covers all outdoor activities comprising up to date information on fishing events, conservation methods, boating and the outdoor hunting activities.

Not inspired? It brings you with each monthly publication real-life stories of outdoor enthusiast you will find captivating. Bundled with it are reviews of the best gears to have and the tricks for catching shallow and open water fish as bass.


8. In-Fisherman

Most publications on this list have been focused mainly on the saltwater fishing. Well, this is an all-inclusive freshwater fishing magazine. Fish, just like nature, have seasons and there are times it becomes a challenge locating one. To avoid the worst angling experience, this magazine includes the best times of the year you are sure to locate fish.

More so, should your favorite catch miss out, it offers a comprehensive guide on the available fish species you can alternatively resort to catch. With the latest on industry news, you are sure to get comprehensive tips for you kayak angling expedition.



These are but a few of the top kayak angling magazines we recommend. Nevertheless, being a beginner, you will find a niche that trains you well to be an effective angler over time besides keeping you on track with the latest.

Being a kayak angling enthusiast on the other part, well, you might be a success when it comes to angling but change is imminent. And it can be quite a day ruined if you were to gear up for a fishing expedition only find out you are on the wrong time of the fishing season, might you be right, there is a chance your fishing position could be running low.

These kayak angling magazines pack information that would prove indispensable for your perfect catch. Kayak angling is a sports hobby; it must succeed if you are to participate in the contest.

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