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Best Sit On Top Kayaks (2018) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best sit on top kayak

In this article, I’m going to take a look at some of the best sit-on top kayaks of 2018. The sit on top (“SOT”) kayaks chosen for this list are selected based off of consumer reviews, expert reviews, my personal reviews, and feedback from the kayaking community.

Also, this section will be updated on a regular basis in order to keep up with new releases and advancements in kayak technology.

We will take a look at the best sit-on-top kayaks in 2018 at various price ranges targeted at different buyer preferences and/or budget sizes.  Where possible I’ve broken down the budget categories into four different price ranges:  (1) Under $400, (2) $400 – $700  (3) $700 – $1000 and  (4)  Over $1000.

Ocean Kayak Frenzy
Best Budget

ocean kayak frenzy review
  • check
    Beginner Friendly
  • check

Perception R15 Pescador 100
Best Bang For Buck

perception r15 pescadors 200
  • check
    Excellent Seats
  • check
    Stable & Tracks Well
  • check
    Manoeuvres Well 

Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 Tandem
Best Quality

best tandem sit on top kayak
  • check
    Well Made
  • check
    Comes in Diff. Colors
  • check
    Low Maintenance

Best Sit-On-Top Kayaks Comparison Chart

Below is the table that shows the top 10 best sit on top kayaks 2018. Each and every sit on top kayak was chosen after careful reviews by specialists.

S​​​it-On Top Kayak

Best Use



perception pescador sit on top kayak

Perception R15 Pescador 100

(Editor's Choice)




best tandem sit on top kayak

Ocean Kayak 12Ft Malibu Two Tandem 

(Best Quality)





ocean kayak frenzy review

Ocean Kayak Frenzy

(Best Budget)




best 2 person fishing kayaks

BIC Sport Borneo

(Premium Choice)

Recreation / Fishing



prowler kayak

 Ocean Kayak Prowler 13'  Angler

(Best Angler Kayak)




best tandem ocean fishing kayak

Lifetime  Manta Tandem




best ocean fishing kayaks for beginners

Malibu Kayak Trio 11' Fish & Dive Package

Recreation / Fishing



sun dolphin journey fishing sit on top kayak

Sun Dolphin Journey 10'

Recreation / Fishing



lifetime fishing sit-in kayak

Lifetime 10 Ft Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak




lifetime youth kayak

Lifetime Youth Wave 

(Best Kayak for Kids)




By keeping this list updated and taking feedback from the community, this will be a great resource for anyone looking to get a new SOT kayak. I also highly recommend you read my Sit- On Top Kayak Buying Guide below before making a purchase.

1. Perception R15 Pescadors 100 Kayak - Editor's Choice for Best Sit On Top Kayak 2018 

best sit on top kayak


A very well made kayak, and great for beginners, intermediate paddlers and anglers.  If you decide to get one, do get the 10' so you can enjoy the benefits of more storage space and speed.

The Pescador 10' is really a terrific value and comparable to other sit-on-tops that are twice the price. 



  • Comfort seating system (CSS)
  • Molded In-foot wells
  • Bow hatch & stern day hatch
  • Tankwell with bungee
  • Comfort carry handles

LENGTH: 10ft

WIDTH: 29"

WEIGHT: 52 Ibs | 24 Kg

Max  Capacity: 325 Ibs | 147 Kg

Perception R15 Pescadors 100 Kayak

If you like having many of the features of a top kayak without spending over $600, then this might be kayak for you.

The Pescadorss R15 is a great kayak for a beginner to start out with and for people who like solo kayaking. It is also a great kayak for people who like to take a lot of gear with them. It fits many sizes of people, tracks perfectly and is stable enough.

Do not worry about the length, especially if you are going from a a longer kayak to this 10′ kayak. The sit on is as comfortable if not more. It is also quite light which makes it as manageable out of the water as it is in the water. Very helpful feature.

The one downside of the boat is that it has built-in rudders in the front and back. This makes it a bit difficult to turn. Not a problem for flat-water paddlers though. It still delivers plenty of speed and capacity for any level paddler to take pleasure in a day of fun on the water.

I see why owners of the Pescadors R15 love this kayak. Not a bad price either for a very well made kayak and for all the features it offers : the eye hooks and storage compartments, handles and a paddle keeper among others.



  • Comfortable w/t excellent adjustable seats
  • Stable and tracks well
  • Molded space cups and handles 
  • Bungy straps to attach cooler or other gear
  • Can add rod holders
  • Easy to manoeuvre 
  • Dry hatch doesn't stay dry
  • Ideal for those under 6ft tall
  • A bit heavy

perception r15 pescadors 200
perception pescador sit on top kayak

2.  Malibu Two Tandem Kayak - Overall Quality & Best Flatwater Tandem Kayak  

best sit on top kayak


The Malibu II is noted as being one of the world’s most popular sit on top kayak designs.

It is a great family recreational boat that can be paddled solo or tandem and does just about anything. Its simple design offers great versatility and stability on the water and it can carry two adults and a child very easily. 

For those looking for a multi-purpose compact kayak to fulfill multiple functions, then I will encourage you to give this kayak a second look.



  • 2 Comfort Plus seat backs
  • 3 molded-in seat wells
  • Gear straps
  • Convenient overlapping foot wells
  • Side carry handles
  • Skid plate

LENGTH:  12' | 3.7M

WIDTH:  34" | 86.4 cm 

WEIGHT:  57 Ibs | 25.9 Kg

Max  Capacity: 375-425 Ibs | 170.1-192.8Kg

Malibu Two Tandem XL Kayak  

The Malibu 2 XL is a great sit-on-top kayak for recreational paddling and family fun. It is the new version of the older Malibu Two and I really like this yak for just about every purpose you would want to use a kayak. 

Its design incorporates the perfect blend of stability, comfort and performance on the water. 

About the only trick you need to know to surf the Malibu Two is to never lean the boat. It is almost impossible for one person to flip these yaks. 

The Malibu 2 is great for two people or even one person where maneuverability isn’t key. It is a 2+1 sit-on-top kayak, meaning it has two full size adult seats and an additional centre seat in the middle of the kayak. This allows the Malibu 2 to happily carry two adults in the front & rear seats and a child in the centre seat.

It also tracks well and is easy to paddle in a straight line even for newcomers to the sport. The Malibu 2 is suitable for use on almost all types on water including coastal, estuary, lakes, rivers, canals & other inland waterways. 

Some reservations I have about the Malibu Two are: (1) Some have reported their legs going to sleep while touring with this yak. One solution is to get padded seats. (2) The handles on the Malibu Two are very heavy and could be difficult for some to load onto a roof rack by themselves. And finally, (3) A little bit more storage space would be great.

If you are looking for a fun, low maintenance, affordable and family friendly recreational yak, this is the one to buy. Just don’t expect high end performance. 



  • Can seat up to 2 adults and 1 child
  • Available in different stylish colors
  • Can be rigged for fishing
  • Very stable
  • Low maintenance
  • Could do with more storage space
  • Legs will go to sleep without padded seats
  • Heavy handles on the yak
best tandem sit on top kayak
kayak reviews sit on top

3. Ocean Kayak Frenzy - Best Budget Sit On Top Kayak 

ocean kayak frenzy review


The Frenzy is a fun wave catcher that is ideally suited for ocean surf. Its 9' 31" dimensions make for a very stable boat in the waves that tracks straight to shore. While it does well on out stability and tracking indices, it however falls short on speed. 

If speed is important to you, you should consider other options such as the Perception Pescador. 



  • Large molded-in-seat well
  • Tank well w/t removable bungee
  • Molded-in foot wells & cup holder
  • Side mounted carry handles
  • Threaded hull drain plug
  • Skid plate

LENGTH:  9ft

WIDTH:  31"

WEIGHT:  43 Ibs | 19.5 Kg

Max  Capacity: 275-325 Ibs | 124.7-14 Kg

Ocean Kayak Frenzy

The Frenzy is a budget friendly kayak that is priced at a lower cost than many other similar models. It’s also a great beginner sit-on-top yak.

Most reviews from owners of this kayak and professionals were positive, emphasising stability, light weight, affordability and durability. 

I agree with all of the above and cannot help but reiterate that these are slow boats and not well suited for long trips.

Editor's Note

The Frenzy is not as maneuverable as a touring yak but it does remarkably well and sits low enough in the water to be stable in wake. This makes it a great option for recreational floating; some people use them as diving platforms to get out for a swim and climb back in fairly easily. It’s also really good for beginners who need a very stable boat that doesn’t answer too quickly to paddling mistakes.

A source of concern, especially for extra-large kayakers to beware, is that the mold of the seat is just 18″ and narrower than most kayaks. Furthermore, owners have adviced that you should add scupper plugs to stay dry on flat water as well as a proper back support, such as the comfort pro seat to improve comfort. That said, you will love the simple foot braces that allow you to adjust your foot position as you wish without fiddling with adjusting sliders. 

Over all as a surfing ‘yak or a lake floater you can’t go wrong with this affordable boat. The Frenzy is a quality kayak that is easy to get on/off, stable, comfortable, and tracks very well on calmer/directional water. If I could change anything, it would be to add a dry storage area and side carry handles to the boat. 



  • Stable
  • Beginner friendly with excellent adjustable seats
  • Molded space cups, fishing poles and handles 
  • Bungy straps to attach cooler or other gear
  • Slow speed with frustrate serious yaks
  • Dry hatch doesn't stay dry
  • Ideal for those under 6ft tall
frenzy sit on top kayak review
ocean kayak frenzy review

4. BIC Sport Borneo - Top Premium Choice  

best 2 person fishing kayaks


An incredibly solid kayak, the BIC Sport Borneo is a great balance between speed, stability, comfort and maneuverability for a family/solo recreational kayak. Ideal for those in the "leisure paddling" category as it is very comfortable and does the job with little fuss.

The BIC Sport Borneo boasts several innovations - in equipment and fittings too, that place it above even some more expensive kayaks.

If there is a tandem SOT kayak out there that beats out the BIC Sport Borneo, it isn't by much, and of the other elite in the category, the Borneo is priced better than all of them.



  • Carries 2 adults, 1 child & 1 storage
  • Adaptable for solo paddling
  • Removable wide tyre wheels
  • Triple volume hull design
  • Large baggage carrying area at rear
  • Available in specialist fishing model

LENGTH:  13'45" | 4.10M

WIDTH:  2'7" | 84 cm

WEIGHT:  75 Ibs | 34 Kg

Max  Capacity: 550 Ibs |249.4 Kg

BIC Sport Borneo Kayak

If you are looking for a high quality tandem SOT kayak for sale at a fairly affordable price (at least when compared to similar performing tandem SOT kayaks), then the BIC Sport Borneo may be the yak for you. 

It is a family oriented tandem SOT kayak, with a number of innovative features, notably the possibility of solo use in equal paddling comfort to double. 

BIC Sport’s exclusive Twin Sheet Technology (TST) used to build the mold of the yak creates a product that is extremely solid. 

One of the unique features of The BIC Sport Borneo, are the rare built-in wheels outfitted at the back. This makes toting the kayak that much easier. And there’s a moulded deck insert for storing the wheels/rollers while sailing. 

The tracking ability of the Borneo is fantastic and is attributed to its unique Triple Hull Design (“THD”) shape. It offers speed, smooth glide and maneuverability, while maintaining maximum stability. It will be easy for most beginners to handle with little skill and practice. 

And it provides very generous cargo space for you to take everything you might need. One downside however, is that similar to other top tandem SOT kayaks, the Borneo is a bit heavy. Not a problem if you have a partner. 

Overall, the BIC Sport Borneo takes all of the best qualities that veteran yaks look for and combines them with ease-of-use to make sure that anyone can use this kayak and get a lot out of it.



  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Very stable
  • Very fast, thanks the hull design
  • Spacious storage areas
  • Back wheels to aid transporting the yak
  • It is a bit heavy
best tandem sit on top kayaks
best 2 person fishing kayaks

5. Ocean Kayak Prowler 13' Angler Kayak - Best Ocean Fishing Sit On Top Kayak   

top sit-on-top prowler kayak


Totally pleased with this kayak from Ocean Kayak. Easy to paddle. Easy to fish from. The Prowler was designed with the fisherman in mind and is one of the most popular kayaks you can buy.

It combines performance with features and you can tell a lot of thought went into the design of this boat.

Whether you fish in creeks, small ponds, large lakes and off the beaches, the Prowler gets the job done. It offers you an oversized tankwell that fits most coolers or your homemade fishing crate so you are spoilt for storage.

The Prowler is recommended for paddlers looking to step up from a beginner kayak to something that packs a bit more punch.



  • Molded in-seat well
  • Large bow hatch
  • 6" cam lock hatch 
  • Oversized tank well
  • Built-in paddle keepers
  • Transducer compatible scupper

LENGTH:  13'4"

WIDTH:  28" 

WEIGHT:  54 Ibs 

Max  Capacity:  450 Ibs

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Fishing Kayak 

A lot of thought went into the design of the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13. This is why it is one of the most popular fishing kayaks on the market today. 

For right around $1,000, the Prowler 13 Angler is a good option for anyone who has a moderate budget and who wants to get into ocean kayak fishing or sport fishing in general. 

The 13.4ft Prowler 13 tracks straight, which helps with speed when hunting down fish in the lake or ponds. Its slightly longer frame makes it more stable but, unfortunately, also makes it a bit harder to steer in rough waters and to stand in the kayak. The molded in foot pegs in the hull makes standing difficult. 

A constant observation among owners of the Prowler is that the seat sucks, especially for longer 8+hrs trips. Many owners opted to upgrade their seats and this seemed to have solved that problem.

Thankfully, storage spaces within and above the Prowler is more than enough for all tools and accessories required for a long day of touring/fishing. Still on storage, one of my favorite features of the Prowler is the hull storage space that allows for rods to be stored away inside the hull. We love it. 

With the different types of angler kayaks available on the market, the Prowler is really a great high-quality option for under $1,000 in total cost which is very hard to beat. 

Professionals and amateurs have consistently listed the Prowler as a favorite. We are not surprised. It is one kayak no angler should live without.



  • Competes well with $1000+ angler kayaks out there
  • Ample storage space
  • x2 cup holders, paddle keeps and rod holders each
  • Stability
  • Comfort plus seat back 
  • Designed for anglers
  • Side handles 
  • Original seats are poor
  • Standing difficult because of molded-in-foot pegs in the hull
best fishing sit-on-top prowler kayak
prowler 13 angler best fishing sit on top

6. Lifetime Manta Tandem Kayak -  A Get-in-and-Go 2-Person Kayak for Beginners   

best tandem ocean fishing kayak


A get in and go kayak. The Mantra is designed for you to just jump in and start paddling away. It’s this type of ease of use that makes it popular across all experience levels and across all water bodies from oceans to small lakes. 

To give you more fun, the Mantra is designed to receive a sail. If nothing else, it’s a fun way to mix things up a bit and differentiates it from other kayaks in similar price range. If you’re in the market for a fun and affordable kayak, the 10 foot Manta kayak definitely gets my recommendation.



  • Generous forward cargo area
  • Has two padded back rests
  • Molded rear & front handles
  • Side carry handles
  • Comes with a mast receiver receptacle
  • Foot wells for added paddling comfort
  • Scupper holes for draining the cockpit 
  • Seats up to 3 adults

LENGTH:  10'

WIDTH:  36" 

WEIGHT:  66 Ibs

Max  Capacity: 500 Ibs

Transport Weight:  66 Ibs

Lifetime Manta Tandem Kayak 

I will just get straight to the point and share with you the overwhelming feedback from kayak enthusiasts and owners about what they like about the Manta. These are (1) Price (2) Stability and (3) Roominess and comfort, even with three people on it. 

I will also get to the complaints from these group of people later on, however, if you’re looking for a kayak that does most things well – racing, cruising, fishing etc, as well as a kayak that has the capacity for multiple adult passengers, then you need to look more closely at the Lifetime Manta. The Manta kayak was designed for multi-purpose recreational use kayaking and provides balanced, comfortable seating for tandem, solo or family fun. 

It is a relatively short tandem kayak (at just 10 feet long) and can seat three full-size adults with a 500 pound weight capacity. Because of the fact that it’s designed for two to three people, it’s very stable. You can stand up, move around and not have the risk of too much wobble.

The design of the Manta is a tunnel-hull design that I believe is great for beginners because this shape makes it very easy to manage the boat even when paddling out through small surf. Because the tunnel hull gives great stability and improve tracking, it’s also near impossible to tip the ‘Manta’ over. Furthermore, the cockpit area is dotted with scupper holes that run through the hull so that you never have to worry about bailing water from the boat, even in rough or wet conditions.

It is important to point out that the Manta’s length, weight, width and design are for stability over speed and agility so I wouldn’t recommend this kayak for long touring or trying to keep up with long, sleek kayaks. 

I would also highly recommend that you invest in a pair of good light weight paddles for this kayak. The two paddles that come with the boat are inadequate and very poorly made. However, note that if you try longer paddles, and you have 2 people paddling, you will be hitting each other.

Ultimately, if speed and fancy accessories are not important, if you can afford a new cushion or seat, and if you plan to be out on the water only a few hours at a time, then the Manta could be the right answer for you. Or if you can spare an extra $150-200, I would actually go for the Malibu Kayaks Trio-11 Fish & Dive Package Kayak.



  • "High" & "Dry" seating keeps riders off of kayak floor
  • Almost impossible to tip over
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Hull design provides great tracking
  • No dry storage
  • Won't move fast through water
  • Standing requires straddling the seats

7. Malibu Kayak Trio-11 Fish & Dive Package Kayak - Also a Top Ocean Fishing Kayak

best ocean fishing kayaks for beginners


The Trio 11 is a longer replica of the very popular Mini-X. It is a very appealing option for kayak enthusiasts seeking to share their kayaking fun and experience with family and friends. 

The Trio 11 is a unique hybrid and multifunctional kayak that can seat three (one large, and two median-small persons) comfortably, providing you with an awesome ride - be it fishing, diving or touring with the family. While it is an appealing family kayak, our view is that a slightly elevated seating option from the manufacturer would have been nice. 



  • Rectangular center hatch with bag
  • Gator hatch
  • Rod flush mount rod holders
  • Bow & stern carry handles
  • Adjustable foot pegs
  • Transducer ready
  • Rear seat well and bungee storage

LENGTH:  11'4"

WIDTH:  33" 

WEIGHT:  48 Ibs

Max  Capacity: 500 Ibs

Malibu Kayaks Trio-11 Fish & Dive Package Kayak

The Trio 11 takes the tandem kayak design to the next level and is a first of its kind that seats three comfortably and still offers mass storage space with excellent stability.

It combines two extra molded seats in the front and rear of the kayak and thanks to the unique hull design of this boat, all three seating positions are guaranteed maximum stability.

What we liked about the Trio 11 is that it is an affordable way for a small family to enjoy some time together on one boat without worrying about space, storage or stability on the water. Sure it is not a fast boat and it loses some responsiveness when turning, but it does track great.

The Trio 11 is a wide boat and you have to get used to wide strokes, or you’ll hit the hull with your hand. That said, paddling straight is easy enough if you are paying attention.

We liked the weight capacity of the Trio 11, especially for its weight. This, along with its seating space and versatility should make it a very appealing option for kayak enthusiasts who want to share the experience with their family. 

Our only reason for holding back on fully endorsing the Trio 11 is that the manufacturer hasn’t joined the high (elevated) seat trend as these kayak would perform very well with them.



  • Made in USA
  • Great stability
  • Highest durability of any kayak on the market
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great for families
  • Pricey
  • A bit slower than comparable kayaks
best stand up kayak
best ocean fishing kayaks for beginners

8. Sun Dolphin Journey 10' Kayak - Contender for Best Kayak for Fishing in Lakes & Rivers  

sun dolphin journey fishing sit on top kayak


I have always liked fishing kayaks from Sun Dolphin. If you're a beginner or intermediate level angler, then this sit-on-top fishing Kayak might be exactly what you're looking for. 

For example, the 10 foot long and 30 inches wide solo seater is great for paddling through beautiful lakes and rivers, making your way to those breathtaking, excluded fishing spots.

And, compared to some of the Tier 2 and 3 SOT kayaks, it is priced fairly well. 



  • 2 Flush mount rod holders aft
  • One swivel rod holder
  • Hands-free electronic console (Bluetooth speaker & dry bag optional)
  • Shock cord deck rigging
  • Large open cockpit w/t adjustable padded seat.

LENGTH:  10'

WIDTH:  30" 

WEIGHT:  44 Ibs

Max  Capacity: 250 Ibs

Deck Height: 11"

Sun Dolphin Journey 10′ Kayak

What gives this kayak incredible stability is the fact that it’s built using special UV-stabilised Foriflex High-density polyethylene. Its hard-shell structure and a large open cockpit with adjustable padded seating further appeals to many owners. 

This gives it that extra bit of flexibility you will be thankful for. 

A strong selling point is the seating area. It has well-protected thigh pads, ample storage, adjustable foot braces, short cord deck rigging and paddle holder. These are all features that add to the convenience factor of this beauty. 

I tend to travel a lot and if you’re like me then you will love the lightweight of the kayak and how easy it is to transport. 

On top of that, the paddler size also makes it ideal for the average or larger sized adult. Oh, the boat can carry a maximum weight of 250 pounds. Very cool. 

Another big strong selling point of this fishing kayak is the fact that it’s not very expensive when compared with other models in its class. You can find it for less than $400, and that for me is money well spent. 

So, if you aren’t looking for a purely recreational kayak, and you don’t mind the Sun Dolphin Journey’s tan color, then this sit-on-top fishing kayak competes well with other kayaks in this tier. 
Our only reason for holding back on fully endorsing the Trio 11 is that the manufacturer hasn’t joined the high (elevated) seat trend as these kayaks would perform very well with them.



  • Great for lakes, rivers and flatwater
  • Great value for money
  • Seating area enhances comfort
  • Lightweight and easy to carry or transport
  • Good for larger paddlers also
  • Good stability
  • Seat could be elevated like most top sit on top kayaks
best fishing sit on top kayak
sun dolphin reviews sit on top kayak

9. Lifetime 10' Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak - Most stable sit on top fishing kayak  

lifetime fishing sit-in kayak


For the ultimate fishing kayaking experience, this Lifetime product has proven its mettle. With a whole host of advanced built-in features, you can be assured of a smooth ride with great stability.

What I loved most about this beauty is the tunnel hull design which makes it possible to stand and fish or even sit side-saddle without worrying about it toppling over. 

All the wonderful features and the fact that you can get this for around less than $700, makes it stand out.



  • Comfortable seating for up to 3 people
  • Fishing pole holders
  • Multuple footrest positions
  • Molded front & rear carry handles
  • Accessory mount for optional rudder or electric power motor
  • Ditty trays & shock cord straps to secure loose items
  • Designed to accept the Lifetime Power Mate Motor Mount Accessory

LENGTH:  10'

WIDTH:  36" 

WEIGHT:  60 Ibs 

Max  Capacity:  500 Ibs

Lifetime 10′ Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak

I get a lot of inspiration from nature and color plays a big part in this so the aesthetic look of the olive green shade of this Kayak really appealed to me. 

Despite its relatively low price, you still get a kayak made of durable, high-density polyethylene for superior strength and stability.

Don’t expect it to be breaking any speed records since it’s a relatively short and wide kayak. That being said, if you’re interested in a smooth, stress-free fishing experience with a couple of friends then you really can’t beat this one. I just felt that it’s a bit heavy compared to others in its class. However, it is not so heavy that it loses many of its superior qualities.

Finally, keep in mind that this is primarily a fishing kayak and not a touring kayak. Most of the features have been put in place to make standing up, sitting down and casting fairly easy. It also comes with paddles, paddle holders and a deep rod holder on the sides to add to the convenience factor. 

Oh!. The Sport Fisher Kayak is also backed by a 5-year limited manufacturer warranty. I like that.



  • Competes well with $1000+ angler kayaks out there
  • Ample storage space
  • x2 cup holders, paddle keeps and rod holders each
  • Stability
  • Comfort plus seat back 
  • Designed for anglers
  • Side handles 
  • Original seats are poor
  • Standing difficult because of molded-in-foot pegs in the hull
lifetime 10 fisher sport sit-on-top kayak
best fishing sit-on-top kayak

10. Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak - Best Kids Kayak

lifetime youth kayak


Recreational Kayaking is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your children. Unique for kayaks for kids, this kayak is specially designed for ages 5 and up.

If you are looking to get your kids in the water for some fun and introduce them to recreational kayaking then this is one you should seriously consider.

One of the main reasons I would recommend this is because it has a number of built-in features for your child's safety. This includes a wide stance seating space which enhances the overall stability.

The price of around $80-120 is also quite reasonable considering the build quality and all the features it provides.



  • Lightweight, designed for children 5 & up
  • Molded finger handles for easy transport
  • Swim-up steps
  • Lightweight


WIDTH:  20" 

WEIGHT:  21 Ibs 

Max  Capacity:  130 Ibs

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

The Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak is a refreshing addition to Lifetime’s vast array of Kayaks.

It’s built with Durable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) construction giving it enhanced stability. This is especially important when you consider that it’s built for kids and their safety is paramount. 

It can carry a maximum weight of 130 lbs and the dimensions are 72″x 24″x 8″.

I really liked their unique sloped back design at the end and a swim-up step which makes it fairly easy for the kayaker to re-enter the kayak if they fall in the water. The multiple footrests also give it great flexibility and riders of different sizes can easily use it.

The addition of a bonus paddle is a pleasant surprise.  With a limited number of 6-foot kayaks to choose from for your kids, this 1-man Youth kayak is definitely worth a good look. I expect you won’t be disappointed.



  • Low price
  • Great for kids 5 yrs & above
  • Sturdy
  • Versatile
  • 3 people might cramp the kayak
  • Quite slow

Sit-On-Top Kayak Buyer's Guide

Overview of What Is a Sit-On-Top Kayak & Why Choose One?

A sit-on-top kayak is a small boat that is manually maneouvered using a double-blade paddle handled by the paddler or paddlers.  A paddler on a  sit-on-top kayak sits on an open cockpit made from a moulded depression top instead of a closed cockpit as found in a sit-in-kayak. 

Water enthusiasts that enjoy easy and quick get-in-and-go on their boats love sit-on-top kayaks. People who enjoy fishing, surfing, and diving also find this boat very practical and more affordable compared to the sit-in kayak.

Buying a Sit-on-Top Kayak

Buying a sit-on-top kayak can be confusing due to the many features available. Many have made the mistake of falling in love with a kayak and purchasing it based on its good looks but have had buyer’s remorse the next day.

If you are serious about buying a sit-on-top kayak, you should make sure to do your research on its type, features, size, material and hull shape. This enables you make the best decision that suits your needs.

How to Choose a Kayak

First things first, before you decide on which sit-on-top kayak to purchase, you should determine where and how you plan to do most of your paddling.  It is important to understand that no single kayak excels at every type of use case for a sit-on-top kayak. 

There are some guidelines that can help you decide which kayak is best for you: 

Other things to think about when purchasing a kayak include: What color? How will you transport the kayak? Do you have roof racks on your car? Storage of the kayak at home? By thinking about these issues early on will go a long way in ensuring you ultimately buy the best sit-on-top kayak that is ideal for you.

Sit-on-Top Kayak Types

Type of Kayak



Used by paddlers who plan to kayak on streams, flatwater or lakes. They are beginner friendly because they are wider, hence more stable and easier to manoeuvre. However, they are slower and hard to go straight. They also have smaller cargo capacity


It is similar to traditional surfing and is used to catch ocean waves. Paddlers who want to experience the thrill of surfing but on a kayak use this type of kayak  


These kayaks are designed and built for speed on a straight line and used mainly for paddling on lakes and oceans.  It is also ideal for long (greater than 2 hrs) journeys and as a result has ample storage area


Used by paddlers that love the thrill of paddling on fast moving waters and whitewater rapids. They are typically shorter for easy manoeuvring and are hard to tip over 

Sit-on-Top Kayak Features


Hull Shape

Your intended use of a sit-on-top kayak should influence the hull shape of the kayak you end up buying. Two types:

  • U or V Shaped Hulls: Best for use in moving waters like rapids, running rivers or catching a wave
  • V Shaped Hulls: Best for flat or stable waters and keeps the kayak going in a straight line 


You generally have two options on the type of material you want in a kayak - hard shell or inflatable. 

  • Hard Shell Sit-on-Top Kayaks are made from moulded polyethylene or composite materials like fiberglass and kevlar. They are lightweight, rigid, more expensive and travel faster. 
  • Inflatable Sit-on-Top Kayaks are made from foldable plastics that are durable, comfortable, inexpensive but do not move quick in water 


Available sizes for sit-on-top kayaks are:

  • Single seating
  • Double seating
  • Triple seating

Some kayaks may also have space for more passengers on the kayak. SOT Kayaks are typically 3 -6m in length. 

Kayaks have various weight capacities ranging from 60 to over 130 Kgs. 

Parts in a Sit-on-Top Kayak




The front of the cockpit


A vertical partition that creates a watertight chamber in a kayak


The area where the paddler seats


The surface of the kayak


A storage place for gear. Typically watertight


This is the base of the kayak


The left side of the kayak


A fin-line part that is attached to the base of the kayak and helps to keep the kayak in a straight line and stable


The right of the kayak


The rear of the cockpit

Best Sit-On-Top Kayak Brands

WEST WAREHAM MA USA 508-291-2770

WICHITA KS USA 800-835-3278

READING PA USA 866-352-9257

LAVAL QC CANADA 800-463-6960

EASLEY SC USA 1-800-59KAYAK 800-595-2925

WICHITA KS USA 800-835-3278

PARAMOUNT CA USA 877-952-9257

service@oceankayak.com (mostly sit-on-tops) 
Old Town Maine USA 800-8-KAYAKS

OLD TOWN ME USA 207-827-5513

http://www.sevylor.com (inflatables) 
LOS ANGELES CA USA 323-727-6013

ARCHDALE NC USA 800-311-7245


If you are just a beginner when it comes to sit-on-top kayaking, and do not know how to do it at all, our advice to you is to just keep going. There is no point getting discouraged and giving up, as every paddler has been where you are right now. We have all tipped over, and the only reason we improved was because we got back up again. You may notice that some of the cons on the products above included that it may be unstable, but if you want a great challenge, they are going to be the best ones for you.

The ten sit-on-top kayaks above are the best on the market right now. They all have incredible features, are durably designed and, have ideal price to value ratios in my opinion. 

With any type of kayak you are purchasing, whether it is an inflatable kayak or a hard sit-on-top kayak, we always recommend looking for durability above all else. What good is a kayak if after just the first few uses it falls apart? You need one built by a reliable company, and one that is going to last you a long time, which all ten of the above have in spades!

If we had to choose our favourite kayak from the list above it would be the Perception R15 Pescadors 100 Kayak. We believe this kayak has an edge when compared to the others, just because of its unique design and ease of use. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, this board is going to do the job for you.

We strongly encourage you to go to the store in person and check these out for yourself. While it is great to purchase them online, even more so it is great to test them out in person. This is going to avoid disappointment, so at least test them in store and then purchase them online if you can find a better price.

We wish you all the best in your future kayaking activities, and hope you make a purchase that you can feel happy about. Stay safe out on the water, and most of all, have fun!


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