Best Kayaks for Fat Guys (2018)

the best kayaks for fat guys we can recommend along with some buying tips

Just in case you were wondering if there are specific fishing kayaks for fat guys, please read on. 

There is no doubt that being a large angler can present a challenge when shopping for a fishing kayak. Your options are quite limited. This is because you want one that supports your body weight and then your fishing gear.

Luckily, fishing kayak designers now recognize this category of passionate anglers. The fact that you are a big guy should not hinder you from finding a fishing kayak that suits you. Such fishing kayaks are not specifically designed for big guys but are regular fishing kayaks designed with large guys in mind.

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Top 5 Fishing Kayaks for Fat Guys

We have taken our time to analyze several fishing kayaks and bring you what, in our tests and findings, are the top five fishing kayaks for fat guys that we recommend.

1. Lifetime 10-foot Fishing Kayak. (Editor’s Choice)

This is one of the best fishing kayaks we recommend if you are a large guy. Although it is a two-person kayak, it can safely support up to three adults. However, you can easily set it up for own use. 

We particularly recommend it for big guys who prefer to fish on flat calm waters.

It is a relatively short and wide sit on top fishing kayak with the capacity to support 500 pounds. You will certainly find it slow in speed, which is compensated for by a high degree of stability, instant turning capability, and superb tracking.

You should find this fishing kayak durable and comfortable as well. This is because it is made of high-density polyethylene and features ergonomic seats complete with backrests making them comparable to some of the top kayak seats

You will also find it spacious within. For example, the hull area and rear deck provide sufficient storage space. Furthermore, the bungees at the front are also strategically located for storing your life jacket and dry bag.

2. Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Fishing Kayak

This is, in our view, one of the most dependable, reliable, and efficient kayaks for large guys that you can find on the market. Indeed, it is not only one of the original kayaks to have been designed but one that is specifically designed for fishing. Its popularity is certainly not in doubt.

It is a sit-on-top fishing kayak that we highly recommend if you are on the larger side and in need of a fishing kayak with reasonable speed. However, the speed does not in any way compromise on its maneuverability.

This kayak supports a maximum weight of 450 pounds including your fishing gear. It is very stable on water and tracks perfectly well. Its seat is spacious and comfortable. This is in addition to foot braces that you can easily adjust depending on your body size.

You should also find it spacious when it comes to storage. The rear part of the hull is cleverly designed to be large. This makes it possible for you to store your cooler, tackle boxes, and crates among other items.

3. Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

We couldn’t recommend the best kayaks for big guys without including the top inflatable option also. The Intex Explorerer K2 kayak is about best inflatable kayaks for fat guys that we found. It is a 2-person kayak that you can easily set up for your own use. You can use it either as fishing or a recreational kayak and performs best in calm waters.

It supports a maximum weight of 220 pounds and features adjustable seat/backrest that is also adjustable.

The cockpit is also designed to provide for maximum comfort and is very spacious.

One thing we like a lot about this kayak is that it features a striking yellow color. This is very important because it makes the kayak highly visible on the water in case of an emergency.

4. BKC UH-TK181 Fishing Kayak

This is a two-person 12.5-feet long sit on top kayak that you can also set up for solo fishing. It supports a maximum weight of 450 pounds including your fishing gear.

As a multi-purpose kayak, the BKC is popular among big guys and widely used for fishing. It is also very good for long distance travel over water, recreation, and exercise.

We really like its 34-inch beam as this makes it one of the best fishing kayaks in terms of maneuverability, tracking, and stability.

We found some other strong features that made us love this kayak for big guys. For example, it has both adjustable and permanent rod holders, waterproof storage compartment and paddle rests among other features. These features will enable you to focus on your fishing and not worry about these rather mundane factors.

5. Nixie Sports Fishing Angler

This is one of the leading fishing kayaks by Nixie Sports. It is also our best pick for fat guys looking for an efficient and feature-rich fishing kayak.

It is a one-person sit on top fishing kayak weighing only 51 pounds and has a generous weight capacity of 330 pounds including your fishing gear. It is a friendly 9-foot long kayak that requires minimal paddling effort from you and you can use it on a river, a lake, and in the ocean.

The Nixie has a hull that is purposefully designed to provide for enhanced stability and maximum efficiency. This is in addition to valuable features including a comfortable deluxe backrest, which is good for long-distance kayaking.

You will appreciate the ample storage space available in the Nixie. Apart from a lock-tight security hatch for your camera and cell phone, you also have a zipper bag just behind the seat and another storage compartment in the floor of the kayak to store non-essential gear in.

Overall, it is yet another great option for any large guy looking for a large-friendly fishing kayak.

What to look for when shopping for a kayak

Paying attention to the following factors is very important when you are shopping for the right sized kayak that suits you:

Weight – The best fishing kayaks for fat guys are traditionally heavier. This is because of extra space. We recommend that you do not choose one below 50 pounds.

Capacity – Choose one that you are sure will have adequate space to accommodate both your weight and that of your fishing gear.

Portability – Although you need to choose a heavier kayak, its weight should not compromise on portability. Choose one that you can easily move on your own.

Control – The fact that you are a heavy guy makes it necessary that you choose a kayak that you can easily control. We recommend choosing one that is relatively shorter.

Sit in/Sit on – Whether to choose a sit-in or a sit-on kayak depends on several factors including your preference. However, you need to note that the two types – sit in or sit on, perform best in different fishing environments.


These are our top five fishing kayaks for large or fat guys. They are readily available and contrary to a common misconception, they are affordable and deliver memorably times out in the water. 

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