Benefits of Using an Elevated Sit-On Top Kayak Seat


Why should you use an elevated sit-on-top kayak seat? What are the benefits and what should you look for when shopping for one? These are some of the kayak seating concerns we will attempt to address in this article.

It is now very common to come across kayaks with elevated seats. Indeed, they have been available on the market for some time now and have become very popular with kayaks. Some yaks also consider them an essential fishing accessory for their kayak fishing these days. 

As a matter of fact, some kayaks feature sit-inside seats that you can easily adjust to elevated seats.

The emergence and growing popularity of elevated kayak seats are not without reasons. Some of the reasons include their enhanced functionality and overall benefits.

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Benefits of Using an Elevated Sit-on-top Kayak Seat


An elevated kayak seat, as it turns out, provides for an enhanced level of comfort compared to a sit-inside seat. This is because the seat is traditionally designed to have an adequate amount of cushioning to support your bottom.

Importantly, the seat is designed to embrace the lower part of your spine (lumbar), which helps to prevent possible straining especially when you remain active in the water for a long time. (Learn more about the lumbar spine strain/pain here).

The prevention of strain on your lumbar also benefits the upper section of your spine. This applies when you choose a seat with a high back.

Ease of Use

Using an elevated seat is easier than using a sit-inside seat. You can easily slip in and out of the seat with minimal effort. You literally have the freedom to move in and out of the kayak at will.

Indeed, using the seat eliminates the feeling of confinement that is common with sit-inside seats.


Using an elevated seat provides enjoyable kayaking experience. After taking your time to shop for the best kayak, you definitely want to enjoy it in comfort. 

The seat is traditionally designed to have small holes (scupper holes) that allow for self-bailing. The holes literally make room for water to drain off without the need to physically remove the water.


It is a fact that raising a kayak’s seat compromises on a it’s stability. Even so, elevated sit-on-top kayak seats also turn out to be very stable.

Their stability is made possible by the fact that they are designed to be large in order to have extra bottom space. The extra space allows you to position yourself well in the seat to create a perfect balance while angling or fishing.


Like with any water sports activity, kayaking has its risks. Tipping over is often the most imminent risk especially for beginners. While using an elevated seat increases the risk of tipping over it, however, eliminates the risk of being trapped in the kayak.

Using the seat, therefore, is of great benefit when you need to undertake a self-saving act.


Using an elevated seat enhances what you can do with a kayak. This is because elevated seats give you room to undertake water activities that you cannot do with a sit-inside seat. Indeed, you can surf, fish, scuba dive or simply tour with an elevated seat.

While it is perfectly in order and beneficial to use an elevated sit-on-top kayak seat, it is worth pointing out that you need to start off using a sit-inside seat if you are a beginner. You need to graduate to use an elevated seat after developing your balance and kayaking skills.

What to look Out for In an Elevated Sit-on-top Kayak Seat

Different models and types of elevated kayak seats are available on the market. It is very important that you choose one that will serve you best. Do look out for the following when shopping for one.


Different types of elevated Kayak seats are available. There are basic types that feature short back. These are suitable for recreational kayaking. You also have those with a tall back that is suitable when you need to spend a lot of time kayaking such as kayak fishing.

Similarly, you also have the option of choosing inflatable or non-inflatable kayak seats.

There is really no single type that can be said to be the best. Your best type of seat depends on the type of kayak you use and your preferred kayaking activity.


Kayaking involves a lot of activities and movement. You really do not wish to have the feeling of soreness on your body afterwards. An elevated seat that you choose, therefore, must not be stiff, not too soft nor too wobbly.

Choose a seat with an adequate cushion at the strategic positions to prevent unnecessary frictions that can cause soreness. It is also important that you choose a seat with the best grooving since such grooving can dig into your body as you shift.

The bottom of a seat you choose should particularly have adequate padding for maximum comfort. This is very important because your legs will also remain comfortable.

Seat Material

Kayak seats are generally made of various materials including Molded foam, Tekpad, Polyester and Neoprene fabric among other materials.

The material used in constructing a kayak seat informs the seat’s durability, level of comfort and to some extent its stability.

Neoprene fabric is a type of rubber. Seats made of the fabric are generally durable and very stable. Those made of Tekpad rank high in terms of comfort. Molded foam is a very light material and materials made of the material turn out to be light, easy to clean but less durable.

Because a kayak seat remains exposed to weather conditions, it is always good to choose a seat made of a material that is easy to clean, comfortable, durable and resistant to UV rays.


A kayak traditionally has storage space. Even so, choosing a seat with extra storage space is never a bad idea. Choosing a seat with storage space makes it possible for you to have easy access to necessary items and gear. This turns out to be good when fishing because you do not want to disturb the fish when moving to pick a gear.


Stability is a very important consideration to take into account when shopping for an elevated kayak seat. A good seat should be one that helps you to remain calm, comfortable and stable during kayaking activity.

Apart from choosing a seat that provides for maximum comfort, ensure that the seat embraces your bottom perfectly well. Although it is good to choose a seat with a large base, it should accommodate your bottom without leaving extra space on the sides.


Choosing an adjustable kayak seat has several benefits. It makes it possible for you to adjust the seat for maximum comfort, stability, and functionality. A seat that you choose should ideally feature four-way straps complete with the necessary buckles or rings.


An elevated seat provides for extra benefits over sit-inside kayak seat. The seat does not only give you a raised padding position but also provides the necessary support on your upper back and lumber. Most importantly, an elevated seat makes it possible for you to transfer maximum strength from the water effortlessly for high-speed kayaking.

Choosing the best elevated sit-on-top kayak seat is, therefore, a sure way to enjoy your kayaking activities, reduce fatigue and soreness.



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